29 settembre 2009

Fludd's Industry

Portachiavi in pelle realizzati a mano da Clara, pensati per chi non trova mai le chiavi nella borsa... Prenotane uno! / Clara's keychains, totally handmade with fun and leather, for who never finds the keys inside the bag... Ask for one!

2 commenti:

  1. excellent work. are you planning to use just leather or paper or rubber as well ? May be recycled material could be of some interest as well.
    By the way how much ?

  2. Thanks! At the moment I'm using just leather because I'm trying to experiment in several ways with this material. But of course they can be done in different materials!
    For further informations about the prices and the shipping, please contact us by e-mail ( studiofludd@gmail.com).
    We're also planning to open an Etsy shop soon!
    Thankyou very much for your interest and advices!