13 aprile 2012

The Future ?

Guess what? Yesterday in Venezia (!) there was the Italian premiere of the last Miranda July's movie The Future.We liked it. * Metricubi wanted this (grazie Annalisa & Paolo!). To celebrate the event, we arranged a cozy Pesca / Lucky dip - inspired by Miranda's oracle. And, for a few extra-lucky people, mysterious Fludd's prizes to gain. Pink ! Fun!
In the fumé crystal ball, personally we found this divinations:

"Yesterday someone offered you something which you refused. That was a mistake. There's no going back, but remember it."
"It will be important and it will be RED. Don't assume it will involve blood. Cherries, tongues and bricks are also contenders."
"Today you must leap into a more INTERNATIONAL frame of mind. Your own provincialism is holding you back. AFRICA, for example."

O.K. Eyes and senses wide open.

- - -
+) Qui una recensione del film, fresca fresca da Monosala 33.
- - -

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