07 aprile 2015

Fludd Interviews / 56. Zoe De Luca

A) NAME: Zoe De Luca.

B) WHERE ARE YOU FROM?: I was born in the misty Veneto countryside, but am currently based in Milan.


D) YOUR SPHERE OF INTERESTS : Research, Curatorship, Publishing.

E) STUDIES: BA in Art Markets’ Communication and Marketing, internet, travels.

F) COULD YOU PLEASE TELL US A LITTLE BIT ABOUT WHAT DO YOU DO/HAVE YOU DONE?: In 2011 I founded Diorama Magazine, an independent editorial project. It began as a seasonal monothematic magazine dedicated to visual culture, stretching between contemporary experimentations and anachronistic researches, and it’s currently branching out its activities by publishing editions and curating events. Since 2014, I’m editor and curator at Siliqoon, art label run by the artist and friend Andrea Magnani. I also work as a research manager at the creative agency Boiler Corporation and occasionally contribute to other projects. In my spare time I stroll around and go to concerts.

G) 3 MASTERS: Richard Buckminster Fuller for the mission, Ernst Gombrich for study, Clara Rockmore for vision.

H) 1 INSPIRING CITY: Athens during the low season.

I) A PLACE YOU’D LOVE TO VISIT SOON: Too many, but the next one could be Japan.

J) 1 SPECIAL MUSEUM: Musée Fragonard d'Alfort in Paris.

K) 1 RECOMMENDED WEB-SITE:  http://www.theactofselectingobjectified.com/


M) A SHOP YOU LOVE:  Don’t know where’s right now, but it’s called Librairie La Serre.

N) 2 OBJECTS YOU LIKE: Plants and projectors.

O) YOUR IDEAL BREAKFAST: Black coffee, juice and homemade blueberries/goat cheese/sunflower seeds sandwich at farm:table, a 25 square meters coffee in San Francisco.

P) SOMEWHERE NICE TO GO IN YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD: A crappy 70’s indoor court where I go to play badminton every weekend.

Q) LAST BOOKS YOU HAVE READ: Delta of Venus by Anaïs Nin.

R) WHAT ARE A FEW THINGS INSPIRING YOU AT THE MOMENT?: Enjoying Felix Kubin as if I were listening to his music for the first time, collecting stuff I find on the ground, going to museums and stare at the same artwork for half an hour, breeding moths with my flat mate, scanning 19th century science illustrations.

S) WHICH IS THE MAIN DIFFICULTY FOR A YOUNG CREATIVE TODAY?: To experiment, collaborate, produce, show and sell: all these steps are made difficult by bureaucracy and laws which, especially in Italy, are not only unsupportive, but apparently designed to prevent young creatives from being able to live on their work.

T) WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE COLLECTIVE DIMENSION OF ART AND CREATIVITY?: Contrast it’s the strongest tool for growth, as it stimulates individuals to question themselves, allowing them to get contaminated and to overtake capabilities.

U) WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR?: For time and focus.

V) WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD?: My next big thing is to present Siliqoon’s first exhibition in Milan. The show will take place at the Marsèlleria in April, featuring works by Alessandro Agudio, Daniel Keller, Andrea Magnani and Timur Si-Qin, and is the result of a residency we organized in Bologna exactly one year ago.

W) PROJECTS FOR THE FUTURE (EXAGGERATE!): To join the Association of Autonomous Astronauts.

X) WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO STUDY WHEN YOU’LL BE OLD?: To play theremin, speak Russian and do 3D modeling, all this while living on a tree.

Y) A GOOD PURPOSE FOR THE 2015 SEASON: Convert the time I spend procrastinating into something more useful. It could also be sleeping.

Z) WHAT DOES THE WORD ‘FLUDD’ SUGGEST YOU?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BK0XMR674K8


LINKS: Diorama / Siliqoon / Boiler Corporation

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