08 agosto 2010

Fludd Interviews / 13. Alyse Ronayne

A) nome / name: Alyse Ronayne
B) nazionalità / where are you from?: Born Detroit MI USA - live/work Brooklyn NY
C) età / how old are you?: 24
D) area d'azione (disegno, pittura, fotografia, animazione, ...) / your sphere of interests: Sculpture and collaged materials.
E) studi / studies: Maryland Institute College of Art BFA 2008
F) qualcos'altro dal tuo curriculum / could you please tell us a little bit about what do you do/have you done?: Exhibitions in Baltimore MD, Philadelphia PA, Dallas TX.
G) 3 maestri / 3 masters: Louise Bourgeois, Carol Bove, Melanie Schiff.
H) 1 città d'ispirazione / 1 inspiring city: Somewhere South of the border.
I) dove il prossimo viaggio? / a place you'd love to visit soon:  Tokyo, Japan.
J) 1 museo speciale / 1 special museum: Dia Beacon in New York is my favorite.
K) 1 link da consigliare / 1 recommended web-site:  www.tinyfurniture.com – I am really excited to see this film!
L) gusto di gelato favorito / favorite ice cream flavour:  I like the way spumoni looks.
M) un negozio che approvi / a shop you love:  Blue Bottle Coffee in Williamsburg.
N) 2 oggetti che ti piacciono / 2 objects you like: Petrified wood and foil confetti.
O) la tua colazione ideale / your ideal breakfast: One scrambled egg, one toast, sautéed spinach, hot sauce, one mimosa, outside.
P) un bel posto nelle tue vicinanze / somewhere nice to go in your neighbourhood: The Blue Stove! They serve all types of pie.
Q) cosa stai leggendo ultimamente? / last books you have read: Betwixt and Between, The Anxious Object, Five Faces of Modernity, Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang.
R) cosa ti ispira attualmente? / what are a few things inspiring you at the moment?: Conversation, big sculptures, girls, Nicki Minaj, text, texts from last night, tassels, detail, shelving units, objects, paper, sheet rock, slate, cherry wood, mountainous backdrops, the South and the West, banners, all black, function vs. adornment, frivolity as functionality, plants, eye lashes, painted nails, tapes.
S) qual'è la principale difficoltà per un 'giovane creativo' oggi? / which is the main difficulty for a young creative today?: Time management, money.
T) dimensione collettiva nell'arte e nella creatività: si, no, come? / what do you think about the collective dimension of art and creativity?:  It may be a quicker means to an end.
U) cosa stai cercando? / what are you looking for?: Good coffee, big spaces, learning.
V) di che cosa non vedi l'ora? / what are you looking forward?: Having long hair, getting tan, having multiple homes.
W) progetti per il futuro (esagera!) / projects for the future (exaggerate!): Collaborating with Erin Ikeler! Collaborating with flat vernacular! Collaborating with Nik Pence! Framing my new print from Jessica Hische. Lecturing at Interlochen, going to graduate school.
X) cosa ti piacerebbe studiare da vecchio? / what do you like to study when you'll be old?: Botany, horticulture in the desert, anthropology, wrinkles.
Y) un buon proposito per la stagione 2009-10 / a good purpose for the 2009-10 season: Making objects and being outside.
Z) la parola "fludd" cosa ti fa venire in mente? / what the word "fludd" suggests you?: The closest word in English I can compare it to is flood: an overwhelming excess of water, or ideas.

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