14 dicembre 2010

Senior Interview / 2. Hanna Konola

She is from the Great North (mhh...good start), she has a great taste, a sound sense of line and balance. Her work is sharp and cute at the same time, and so inspiring for ours. The second Senior Interview is to Miss Hanna Konola, known Helsinki based artist - enjoy!

SF: Five words to describe your childhood... ?
HK: Small town, family, play, self made, everyday life.

SF: When did you start drawing, what were your favourite subjects?

HK: I think I did draw all the things that came to my mind when I was small.

SF: An important step for your self-improvement and artistic growth?

HK: Maybe just small steps, but it was important for me to think about the things that are holding me back, to be more honest to myself and to find different kinds of beauty.

SF: How is the place where you live influencing your work?
HK: The rhythm of my working changes as the seasons and the amount of light changes (a lot around here).

SF: Which is the aspect of your profession that you dislike the most?
HK: The uncertainty and trying to make a living from this - maybe they are also some of the best parts.

SF: Is there a project you're secretly rising since a long time?

HK: There are some projects I've been hoping to be able to do..

SF: You as an artist in three adjectives... ? 
HK: Playful, a bit coarse, open-minded (trying).

SF: If you were living 100 years ago, which artistic movement or group would you have worked into?
HK: I could say Bauhaus and textile department.

SF: what is for you the main difference between a commissioned painting and a commissioned illustration?
HK: I haven't really done commissioned paintings, but I don't see an essential difference between them.

SF: Three artists you would like to exhume and interview?
HK: Tove Jansson, Bruno Munari, Alexander Calder

SF: which is the most "artistically friendly" city you have visited?
HK: I think they are just cities people like to live in.

SF: Three irreplaceable visual art values that are useful for the human cohabitation?
MZ: Connection, sensibility and communication.

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More about Hanna and her work: Website ! - Blog !
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  1. complimenti, davvero una bella idea intervistarla!
    non la conosco da molto ma mi ha incuriosito subito il suo tratto.
    alla prossima:-)