23 dicembre 2010

Tireless Wishes

...Wishing you loads of used-up pencils, handwritten letters, Italian ice-creams, well-wrapped gifts, sudden rainbows, inspiring trips, uncontrollable creativity, simple happiness, genuine love during the next NEW year - let's try to do our best ! 

* * * AUGURI ! * * *

4 commenti:

  1. tanti auguri! those wishes are very good, some italian food in general wouldn't be bad too ;D

    your work is amazing, congratulations!

  2. oh!!!! Im in love with your work. AUGURI!!!!!

  3. Auguri anche da una wp di provincia che vi ha appena scoperto e si è ritrovata subito "smitten" per il vostro lavoro!

  4. thanks to all! best wishes for your wishes!