22 settembre 2011

Cartolina / S


2nd episode. Sara went to Stave - Andøy, Vesterålen islands / North of Norway.
Tags: far-awayness, fragmentation, extremity, loneliness, untameness, northitude, adventure, splendour, peace.

Music !  Highly recommended: Workaway.  / More pics here.

3 commenti:

  1. Would love to be there! Right now :-)

  2. Having been there, you surely have to read 'A hundred years' by Herbjørg Wassmo! The story about 3 generations of women is placed in Vesteralen islands!

  3. Brilliant! Thanks, I really appreciate every reading advice. I'll try to get it. Great places, by the way, so interesting - I'm a bit nostalgic. Ciao from Venice! sara