19 ottobre 2011


A few shots from our fitting in Spazio Pelodrilli, Treviso - a new creative space for handmade and young design ideas. We projected and realized all the cardboard furniture and a big white balloon cloud for the opening party in September. 
Last picture - painting by Alberto Condotta.

5 commenti:

  1. Bravi ragazzi é venuto benissimo!!

  2. Oh thank god we have Pinterest! I forgot your name and couldn't find the Etsy shop again. Now I see you're on holiday but re-opening the shop soon. I really hope you will still have those pretty wooden gem necklaces? I was so in love with them and wanted to buy one now.
    Greetings from Hamburg!

  3. Ciao Julia! So nice, thanks. Yes - we are working like crazy right now for the upcoming reopening. Hope to see you again here, greeting from Venice!

  4. Is there a shop for those necklaces??

  5. Also. It's a shop dedicated to temporary exhibitions and young designers in North Italy. We created the shop-fitting for the opening and we are present as collective too. Ciao!