29 gennaio 2012

Senior Interview / 3. Hernán Paganini

We're happy to interview mr. Hernán Paganini, kaleidoscopic multidimensional artist from Argentina. He teaches as graphic designer at the Public Buenos Aires University since 2003. His online portfolio is a mine of succulent suggestions. Mixed materials, coloured nature and curious wooden ideas - let's discover this energetic wonderboy !
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SF) Ciao ! Five words to describe your childhood? / Cinque parole per descrivere la tua infanzia?
HP) Love, freedom, awakening, fantasy, dreams.

SF) When did you start drawing what were your favourite subjects?/ Quali erano i tuoi soggetti preferiti quando hai iniziato a disegnare?
HP) I always draw. When I start naturally draw what have in my everyday life, the things around me but when the time pass become more interested in how to make talk the tool in my hand, the possibility of say something completely new.

SF) An important step for your self-improvement and artistic growth? / Un passo importante nella tua crescita artistica?
HP) The opportunity to travel and feel the works of some big artists in person.

SF) How is the place where you live influencing your work? / Il posto dove vivi influenza il tuo lavoro?
HP) Affects directly on me and my work, I eat bad and good things of live in a capital city but at the end of the day depends on you having the ability to process that info and survive another day.

SF) Which is the aspect of your profession that you dislike the most? / L'aspetto della tua professione che ti piace di meno?
HP) Having to think about money.

SF) Is there a project you're secretly rising since a long time? / C'è un progetto che covi segretamente da lungo tempo?
HP) Millons. Recently on my facebook page I wrote ¨all the things we do in silence¨.

SF) You as an artist in three adjectives? / Tu come artista, in tre aggettivi?
HP) Hard working, Attentive, Free.

SF) If you were living 100 years ago, which artistic movement or group would you have worked into? / Se fossi vissuto cento anni fa (circa) a quale movimento artistico avresti preso parte?
HP) The same that choose today: the human being.

SF) What is for you the main difference between a 'free painting' and a 'commissioned illustration'? / Quali sono le principali differenze tra un lavoro libero e uno commissionato?
HP) I don´t make commissioned painting. For me the different between in a personal project or commissioned work is the first is for the heart and the second one for bread.

SF) Three artists you would like to exhume and interview? / Tre artisti che vorresti riesumare ed intervistare?
HP) Jean Michel Basquiat, Paul Klee, Hélio Oitica.

SF) Which is the most "artistically friendly" city you have visited? / La città più "artisticamente amichevole" che hai visitato?
HP) Berlin.

SF) Three irreplaceable visual art values that are useful for the human cohabitation? / Tre valori insostituibili che l'arte può dare alla coabitazione umana?
HP) Intelligence, thought, open mindedness.

SF) Thank you Hernán!

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> Much more about his work: Personal projects / Work for clients / Daily diary / Audiovisual.

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