01 luglio 2013


More stuff from our multilayered work for the event FONDAMENTA 2.0 - Imprevisti e Probabilità that colonised 0,5 km of a Venetian fondamenta (a street parallel to a canal) with 17 selected projects.

Interventions ranged from visual and performing arts to instructive and resonant gardens, primitive contemporary shelters, rowboat transportation, intimate walls, diving boards and joyful laboratories.

Our communication and set up were inspired by chalk-on-floor, kid activity always popular in town. Pastel tones on dark surfaces connect the various voices and contents in a spontaneous, lively and playful atmosphere. 

More about > www.purospaziocomune.org .
The official photos of the event are by Giacomo Francesco Lombardi (from the top: n.1, 5-10)

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