18 ottobre 2014

Pastrami Sandwich - Krachtvoer

Really happy to have participated to Krachtvoer, a super nice festival in Antwerp about food, illustration, design and much more.
Caterina made the illustration for the "Pastrami sandwich with sauerkraut on false flax seed bread".

A recipe by De Superette that deals with scarcity and abundance:"The recipe we chose is our Pastrami sandwich on false flax seed bread with sauerkraut. This recipe deals with scarcity with the use of false flax seeds which is an almost forgotten seed and sauerkraut, which is of course a fermented vegetable, which is made in times of plenty to enjoy in leaner times, and the pastrami, which is preserved beef."

The hand-painted writing below is made by Mayken Craenen 

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