08 dicembre 2014

Fludd Interviews / 51. Yoichi Iwamoto

A) NAME : Yoichi Iwamoto



D) YOUR SPHERE OF INTERESTS : architecture and photography

E) STUDIES : architecture

F) COULD YOU PLEASE TELL US A LITTLE BIT ABOUT WHAT DO YOU DO/HAVE YOU DONE? : I'm working in an architectural office in Switzerland, trying to learn to build something fragile

G) 3 MASTERS : David Bowie, Luigi Ghirri, Sigmar Polke

H) 1 INSPIRING CITY : Vienna, where I have lived for a while; L.A., where I have never been.

I) A PLACE YOU'D LOVE TO VISIT SOON : Mexico or Georgia and Armenia

J) 1 SPECIAL MUSEUM : Uffizi: ugly, over historical, extremely contextual, prestigious, absolutely to love

K) 1 RECOMMENDED WEB-SITE : http://www.hideyukinakayama.com/ (the pictures are sweetly nice!)

L) FAVOURITE ICE CREAM FLAVOUR : Pistacchio and Stracciatella or Chocolate and Lemon

M) A SHOP YOU LOVE : Nieves in Zurich

N) 2 OBJECTS YOU LIKE : A long and tight red woolen scarf I have and bowls in general

O) YOUR IDEAL BREAKFAST : A breakfast that is calm and slow and long and full of choices, in a warm place.

P) SOMEWHERE NICE TO GO IN YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD : The Sculpture Park in Kloster Schoenthal, 20 minutes on foot from the place I live.

Q) LAST BOOKS YOU HAVE READ : "A Dictionary of Color Combinations"

R) WHAT ARE A FEW THINGS INSPIRING YOU AT THE MOMENT? : Robert Irwin's installations, Kanae Sato's illustrations, and sneaky thresholds

S) WHICH IS THE MAIN DIFFICULTY FOR A YOUNG CREATIVE TODAY? : I think to find your own community (geographical, material, physical, spiritual, emotional).

T) WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE COLLECTIVE DIMENSION OF ART AND CREATIVITY? : I am not sure the collective model of working is something that can work for long periods of time. But I find that temporary collaborations in certain cases can be really very powerful.

U) WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? : I am not sure

V) PROJECTS FOR THE FUTURE (EXAGGERATE!) : To have my own little private atelier space to work in

W) WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO STUDY WHEN YOU'LL BE OLD? : Aeronautical physics and gardening or to learn to play an instrument

X) PROJECTS FOR THE FUTURE (EXAGGERATE!) : To travel a lot, but with the idea to have a place to go back to.

Y) A GOOD PURPOSE FOR THE 2015 SEASON : To laugh more than I've already done

Z) WHAT DOES THE WORD "FLUDD" SUGGEST YOU? : I think of a pink and blue, sparkling and creamy fog




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