18 dicembre 2014

Fludd Interviews / 52. Nina Mršnik

A) NAME : Nina Mršnik

B) WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Koper, Slovenia

C) HOW OLD ARE YOU? oh noo

D) YOUR SPHERE OF INTERESTS : product design, illustration, design thinking

E) STUDIES : Industrial design at IUAV, Venice; Communication and Art, Aveiro, Portugal; Design Products, Royal College of Art, London

F) COULD YOU PLEASE TELL US A LITTLE BIT ABOUT WHAT DO YOU DO/HAVE YOU DONE? : When I’m not drawing, I always work in groups:
-The Mobile Workshop group is something I’ve shared with three college mates and made us travel the world by making future scenarios workshops
-G-R-U-P-A is a group of volunteer designers, architects and artisans involved with social entrepreneurship in Slovenia
-Trapez are friends that combine food and design and make pop-up events
-Tok Tok are my carpenter friends that I make illustrations for
-Pop-up dom is a temporary shop of slovenian designers, exhibition and community space run by a group of young, creative people

G) 3 MASTERS : Jurgen Bey, my tutor at college that most influenced me as a designer, Ettore Sottsas, because I really like his writing, Matjaž Schmidt is a Slovenian illustrator that I adored as a child and I totally see some connections with how I draw now and his illustrations.


I) A PLACE YOU'D LOVE TO VISIT SOON : Tokyo, Istanbul, San Francisco, Beijing,… actually all the places where people dear to me live and I don’t have the chance to see them very often.

J) 1 SPECIAL MUSEUM : I am a little bit obsessed with Oscar Niemeyer, so Museum of modern art in Niteroi, Brasil. It was closed when I was there, but still.

K) 1 RECOMMENDED WEB-SITE : I really like to look at the statistics site of Slovenia, but I am just googling other countries statistics websites, because of this question and a new word is opening up for me. This is the italian one, if you are interested http://en.istat.it/.

L) FAVOURITE ICE CREAM FLAVOUR : My grandmother’s super eggy vanilla ice-cream.

M) A SHOP YOU LOVE : Working on the pop-up shop Pop-up Dom www.popupdom.si ‘stole’ last year from me, but I really like it still.

N) 2 OBJECTS YOU LIKE : I collect books of/about Sottsass and chairs.

O) YOUR IDEAL BREAKFAST : My grandmother’s super eggy vanilla ice-cream.

P) SOMEWHERE NICE TO GO IN YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD : I live in Ljubljana, but I am from Koper, a town by the sea. And the sea is a really nice place to go to.

Q) LAST BOOKS YOU HAVE READ : I never remember titles of books, but the cover was blue and banana yellow.

R) WHAT ARE A FEW THINGS INSPIRING YOU AT THE MOMENT? : Skyping with my friends that live exciting lives on different places of the world.

S) WHICH IS THE MAIN DIFFICULTY FOR A YOUNG CREATIVE TODAY? : None, if we do not forget our privileges and use our creativity smartly.

T) WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE COLLECTIVE DIMENSION OF ART AND CREATIVITY? : Working in groups makes me not question myself so much, so I can be quicker and more productive then when I’m working alone.

U) WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? : Cheap tickets to Japan.

V) WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD? : My Erasmus reunion in Portugal

W) PROJECTS FOR THE FUTURE (EXAGGERATE!) : I want that the kilim (rug) project that my friend Ivana and I are making together right now becomes really successful and makes us travel a lot.

X) WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO STUDY WHEN YOU'LL BE OLD? : Japanese language and cooking, ceramics, carpentry, sewing, French, sailing.

Y) A GOOD PURPOSE FOR THE 2015 SEASON : I want to start skiing again.



Personal site; Pop Up Dom; TokTok


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