30 ottobre 2012

Fludd Interviews / 29. Cachetejack

A) nome / name: Cachetejack (Nuria+Raquel)
B) nazionalità / where are you from?: Spain
C) età / how old are you?: 24
D) area d'azione / your sphere of interests: Illustration.
E) studi / studies: Fine arts. We met there.
F) qualcos'altro dal tuo curriculum / could you please tell us a little bit about what do you do/have you done?: We work for magazines, books, painting walls, drawings for clothes, visual identities... Also we make auto edition. Everything that makes switch on your imagination is good for us!!
G) 3 maestri / 3 masters: The Beatles (first years), toothbrush inventor and Guille because of his art for the seduction even though of his face.
H) 1 città d'ispirazione / 1 inspiring city: London.
I) dove il prossimo viaggio? / a place you'd love to visit soon:  London :-)
J) 1 museo speciale / 1 special museum: We prefer small exhibitions of young people that make art in the same way of us.
K) 1 link da consigliare / 1 recommended web-site: Thousand of them: Baubauhaus, Tumblr, FFFFound, Itsnicethat...
L) gusto di gelato favorito / favorite ice cream flavour: Chocolate and vanilla.
M) un negozio che approvi / a shop you love:  Nobrow shop (London).
N) 2 oggetti che ti piacciono / 2 objects you like:  Bags and pencils.
O) la tua colazione ideale / your ideal breakfast: Music, orange juice, friends, toast, laughs, coffee or chocolate... never alone!
P) un bel posto nelle tue vicinanze / somewhere nice to go in your neighbourhood: Friends houses were you feel like at home!
Q) cosa stai leggendo ultimamente? / last books you have read: The art of loving of Erich Fromm.
R) cosa ti ispira attualmente? / what are a few things inspiring you at the moment?: Our environment, life, friends, colours at street...
S) qual'è la principale difficoltà per un 'giovane creativo' oggi? / which is the main difficulty for a young creative today?:  Earn money.
T) dimensione collettiva nell'arte e nella creatività: si, no, come? / what do you think about the collective dimension of art and creativity?: We prefer not enter in this controversial topic ;)  we don't like polemics.
U) cosa stai cercando? / what are you looking for?: The universal love.
V) di che cosa non vedi l'ora? / what are you looking forward?: Singing as soon as possible in a karaoke!
W) progetti per il futuro (esagera!) / projects for the future (exaggerate!): We have to travel to London to paint a shop and to Strasbourg to participate in a festival of comics... also a grant to develop a project in Switzeland! Things start to happen and we only let them!!!
X) cosa ti piacerebbe studiare da vecchio? / what do you like to study when you'll be old?: No study anymore only experiences that make your life rich!
Y) un buon proposito per la stagione 2012 / a good purpose for the 2012 season: 2012? Finish it with energy and friends! Develop more projects and of course, have fun!!
Z) la parola "fludd" cosa ti fa venire in mente? / what the word "fludd" suggests you?:  A kind of liquid or maybe any light: led..
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