18 gennaio 2013

SF+TFN = Unpredictable Potential Events


We are happy to introduce this new line of handcrafted merchandise for Teatro Fondamenta Nuove - the contemporary Theatre of Venezia, complementary to the visual communication we design for it.

3. CATALYSIS / The Kit of Pinsglossy eighties fun mixed pins +
2. ANALYSIS / The Couple of Notebooks - for your conquer plans and sharp ideas + 
1. SYNTHESIS / The Tote Bag - sturdy and spacious carrying device

= Three high detailed items where various objects are involved in (fuzzy) chain reactions.

Screen and Risograph printing and priceless technical support by Marco Inuit Tavarnesi (1000 thanks!).
Now on sale at the TFN theatre in Venezia, on our E-SHOP and at Inuit space in Bologna (soon).

1 commento:

  1. Sempre un gusto impeccabile...continuate così! Aspetto la nuova linea da Inuit :-)