19 dicembre 2013

Poor Tools / 1

Residenza #4 - HOW WE DWELL (make your own residence)

"Poor tools require better skills" John Cage

Some time ago we have been invited by the group of artists How We Dwell to join their homonym project How We Dwell (make your own residence), together with the artist photographer Rachele Maistrello.

*Here* you can get the introduction of HWD project.

We spent an entire week (11-17th November) on beautiful La Certosa island, just in front of Venice but almost desert and far away. We reached our new temporary home by row boat (thanks to association Il Caicio) with the strongest wind. There we found a green tent and a intriguing KIT of tools and materials to work with during the following days. 

After some good exploration we decided to live and interpret the entire island as spread residence, following the natural suggestion of the several room-like spaces. We carefully collected natural and artificial finds, relics and trash, that we put together in order to create furnishings and furniture.

Here more pictures about the week of Residenza#4

This residence was a collaboration with Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Legambiente and Vento di Venezia.

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