23 dicembre 2013

Santa Fludd

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From our series of INTERVIEWS to creative people we like (since 2009!) , some of the best answers to the silly question:"What does the word "FLUDD" suggest you?"

 "All the congealed hair and slime that you fish out from the drain in the bathroom floor" (Sac Magique)

"Fludd looks like the dutch word vloed (flood), so I think of the sea"  (Rick Berkelmans)

"A damp carpet"  (Jacob Stead)

"Something that pours out"  (Mayumi Otero)

"La consistenza e i bei colori della sciolina che cola dal ferro caldo. / The consistency and the nice colors of the ski-wax pouring down from the hot iron"  (Anna Deflorian)

"I think it sounds like something that goes in all directions, or something that is stuck"  (Mari Kanstad Johnsen)

"Fludd reminds me of the word flood which reminds me of sinking which reminds me of swamps that I think about a lot"  (Mike Redmond)

"Hmm.. Robert Fludd? But also like some kind of watery mud..."  (Malin Gabriella Nordin)

"The word "fludd" makes me think of the swedish word ludd. That is fluff. I think about cotton candy, fog, soft white materials" (Klara Persson)  

"Mi ricorda un cartone animato che vidi da bambino e che ebbe poco successo, credo che durò solo un anno; si chiamava “The brothers flud”, mi pare che fossero due amebe che vivevano nel corpo di un essere umano. Ecco se penso a Fludd penso a delle amebe, oppure ad un prodotto per sbloccare i lavandini intasati. / It reminds me of a cartoon which I saw as a child, and which was taken off the air in very little time. I believe it lasted just a year; it was called “The brothers flud”, I think they were two amoebas which lived in a human body. So if I think of Fludd, what comes to mind are amoebas, or even a chemical product which helps unclog sinks  (Adriano McDonald Valeri)

"An abundance or an overflowing of inspiration! This is good! There can never be too much!!"  (Anne Forest)

"Plus ou moins dans l’ordre : truc machin, anglophone - je suis nulle en anglais, allons voir sur Wikipédia. C’est joli en tout cas, un peu mystèrieux et rigolo / a 'gadget', something anglophone (I don't know English ... I check on Wikipedia). It is nice, a little mysterious and funny"  (Sarah Cheveau)

"Al budino / pudding" (Alberto Condotta)

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