07 aprile 2014

Fludd Interviews / 43. Anastasia Strochkova

A) nome / name: Anastasia Strochkova
B) nazionalità / where are you from?: Russia, but living in the Czech Republic since childhood.
C) età / how old are you?: 26
D) area d'azione (disegno, pittura, fotografia, animazione, ...) / your sphere of interests: drawing, printmaking, painting, drawing for animation.
E) studi / studies: Academy of Arts Architecture and Design of Prague, illustration department. I have a bachelor degree from Faculty of Art and Design University of West Bohemia.
F) qualcos'altro dal tuo curriculum / could you please tell us a little bit about what do you do/have you done?I enjoy to study in the art school, making illustrations and binding children books, to create comics. In these days I'm finishing the children book called "The Elephant, Who Was Afraid of Height". It is originally made from lithography prints and these original prints have been now selected for annual exhibition at Bologna Children's Book Fair. I was really happy about it, because I enjoyed making it. Also I've made some comics for Still Without Name zine published by Lithuanian Kitokia Grafika, and for Caves Comics, which is new Czech comic zine.
G) 3 maestri / 3 masters: Asger Jorn, Michael Swaney, Atak.
H) 1 città d'ispirazione / 1 inspiring city: Volgograd the neighborhood. I have been there two years ago and I was fascinated by architecture and atmosphere of post-soviet city and in the contrast the steppe around it.
I) dove il prossimo viaggio? / a place you'd love to visit soon: Tusheti in Georgia, Utah, Oslo.
J) 1 museo speciale / 1 special museum: Victor Vasarely's Museum in Aix en Provence.
K) 1 link da consigliare / 1 recommended web-site: http://www.vetrelciavolavky.cz/en/about-project 
L) gusto di gelato favorito / favorite ice cream flavour: blueberry.
M) un negozio che approvi / a shop you love:  flea markets.
N) 2 oggetti che ti piacciono / 2 objects you likemy carpet I was given for my first birthday by my grannys. The sculpture Equilibrium in brutalism style standing on the roadside, which I admire every day on my way to the city centre.
O) la tua colazione ideale / your ideal breakfast: good coffee and some sweet pastry.
P) un bel posto nelle tue vicinanze / somewhere nice to go in your neighbourhood:Prague center is definitely nice place to visit, but there are also other places in the city or the periphery to see. For example there's a beautiful hill over the railway station with wonderful panorama view. And actually I live in the suburb with many interesting places full of socialist architecture and sculptures.
Q) cosa stai leggendo ultimamente? / last books you have read: Roadside Picnic, Hard to be a God, Monday Begins on Saturday, written by Arcady and Boris Strugacki; The Moon and the Sixpence by Sommerset Maughaum; Daniel Harms. I'm having a Russian period in literature.
R) cosa ti ispira attualmente? / what are a few things inspiring you at the moment?: I always wanted to draw things that I’d like to play with when I was child, but I could not have them. Fortunately I can remember many of those thing and I can draw them as well. I am also inspired by some kind of magic realism that children usually absorb. I used to be afraid of trains, because I couldn’t imagine how it worked. My mother told me that train didn’t move, but trees and building are actually were running away. This image from early childhood is the inspiration for my last drawing.
S) qual'è la principale difficoltà per un 'giovane creativo' oggi? / which is the main difficulty for a young creative today?: To focus on only one thing you decided to do at the moment.
T) dimensione collettiva nell'arte e nella creatività: si, no, come? / what do you think about the collective dimension of art and creativity?: I love the idea, I also like to speak about some ideas, notions with people from other art sphere, so we can share and exchange different points of view.
U) cosa stai cercando? / what are you looking for?: I'm looking for more people to share ideas and projects. Also for new interesting pictures, situations and objects I can collect in my brain.
V) di che cosa non vedi l'ora? / what are you looking forward?: I'm looking forward to summer traveling, new book and comics projects, some possibility to publish my new book.
W) progetti per il futuro (esagera!) / projects for the future (exaggerate!): Comics project and lot of work in the lithography studio!
X) cosa ti piacerebbe studiare da vecchio? / what do you like to study when you'll be old?: I can't answer now, because the things which I will be interested in when I am old probably don't exist at this moment.
Y) un buon proposito per la stagione 2014 / a good purpose for the 2014 season: to create some new mind gardens.
Z) la parola "fludd" cosa ti fa venire in mente? / what does the word "fludd" suggest you?: Many colorful objects similar to the kites flying in the strong wind very high (because of the sound).

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