07 luglio 2014

Fondamenta 3.0 / Identity

Our design for the event and exhibition Fondamenta 3.0 - La Sensa (31st May 2014) composed by poster, card, map, website, signage, decoration and set-up elements. This was the 2nd edition of the Venetian public art event that transforms the space of Fondamenta della Misericordia in an interactive playground, involving diverse artists and associations.
The aim was to visualize and emphasize the local energy, resilience and unique lifestyle.
Thanks to all the participants! 

The project has born from the collaboration between m.a.c.lab - Cà Foscari University (Fabrizio Panozzo, Roberto Paladini, and the curators Marco Baravalle, Viviana Carlet, Gianluca D’Incà Levis, Anna Zerbaro), Vela, Festa della Sensa, Metricubi, Camera di Commercio di Venezia,
Venetiae Alumni and Studio Fludd.

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