02 maggio 2014

Gelatology Micro/Macro is out!

After the hearty welcome at Bologna Children's Book Fair, Bruxelles and St-Denis, the second evolution in a booklet shape of Gelatology is finally available worldwide!

A Macrocosm of huge and slow geological explosions, erosions and metamorphosis contains in itself a Microcosm of sweet multi-flavour crunchiness and creaminess.

You can hold a mou-ntain in your hand and lick an active sundae volcano,
learning how to relate the majestic natural events to your daily experiences of transformation.

You can see the complete project and booklet-GIF here !

Risograph printed in three colours on 300/240 gr Munchen Pure paper. Assembled with artisanal care. Limited edition of 150 copies. Size: 19,5x26cm; 12 pages. Printed by Marco / Inuit Editions, Bologna 2014. © Studio Fludd.

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