20 giugno 2014

Fondamenta 3.0 / Cécile Barraud de Lagerie

Note: Very unluckily Cécile's suitcase - with the entire art work inside - has been stolen just before the event. Soooo bad ! ! ! It'd be a great installation, in our opinion. Anyway, this is 'just' a very unpleasant temporary stop for the project - we hope to see it realized very soon. 

A) name: Cécile Barraud de Lagerie
B) where are you from?: French
C) how old are you?: 30
D) your sphere of interests: Textile as pattern, surface, texture, color and stories. (For me, textile is a medium that touches everything and everyone…)
E) studi / studies:  I studied in Paris at the Duperré art school and then I did my master’s degree at Les Arts-Déco (ENSAD).
F) 3 masters: William Morris, Tauba Auerbach and Ludovic Debeurme.
G) 1 inspiring city: Definitely attracted by cities with a lot of water: my number ones are ex-aequo Istanbul and Venezia.
H) favorite ice cream flavour: Lemon and stracciatella (but not together !)
I) what do you think about the collective dimension of art and creativity?: It is so important.
I may be stating the obvious but I really believe that we are better when we exchange ideas/skills/points of view/ways of thinking and working...
L) what does the word "fludd" suggest you?: Movement.

1) your project at Fondamenta 3.0: CLOSE-LINE
2) brief description: "Close-Line"  questions the ambiguous presence of private and public textile hanged in the city space, from clothes-lines to flags. The in-situ installation recreates a random, graphic & lightly moving landscape  in the little calle Calergi. Printed elements create a visual universe which reminds us of the symbolic and paradoxical strength of stripes, that is still visible in Venezia through gondoliers and navigation signs.
3) three key-works of your project : sensitive / visual / local
4) tell us something about your experience of Fondamenta 3.0: My experience as part of the public was very enthusiastic as this event showed a very clever  and sensitive way of bringing art in the public space. (My experience as an artist is different as the piece was stolen on the morning of the installation).
5) possible evolutions of Fondamenta 3.0 for the next year: Keeping the magic and maybe adding maybe more time and spaces dedicated to discussion panels, experimentation and exchanges...
6) your favourite thing of Fondamenta 2014:  the mood!


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