19 giugno 2014

SPECIMEN - Personal Exhibition

Very excited about SPECIMEN - our very first personal exhibition at Galleria Van Der in Turin, opened June 12th.
We decided to underline the common creative process behind our diverse projects.
We chose these four ones: GELATOLOGY -illustrated booklets and digressions; METAMORFICA - self produced necklaces collection; POOR TOOLS - series from a castaway-ish residency on La Certosa island and VARIA ET COMPARATA - remains of twelve ancient animals described by the pages of the Aberdeen Bestiary.

We had a full three day of activities in town, with also the third edition of GELATOLOGY BANQUET - in collaboration with Dapes and with a music performance by Nicola Di Croce - followed by the GELATOLOGY WORKSHOP n#7 (all the cones soon on www.gelatology.tumblr.com).

Big thanks to Stefano Riba, Eleonora Diana, Daniele Catalli.
Here more pictures about the three days.

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