20 giugno 2014

Fondamenta 3.0 / Daniele Catalli

A) name: Daniele Catalli
B) where are you from?: Italian
C) how old are you?: 34
D) your sphere of interests: drawing.
E) studi / studies: Academy of Fine Arts.
F) 3 masters: Magnus, Ferenc Pinter, Duilio Cambellotti.
G) 1 inspiring city: Lisbon
H) favorite ice cream flavour: cream.
I) what do you think about the collective dimension of art and creativity?: well, it’s one of my topics. very important indeed.
L) what does the word "fludd" suggest you?: Flow.

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1) your project at Fondamenta 3.0: DREAM CIRCUS PROJECT
2) brief description: Dream Circus is a touring exhibition of relational art that aims to investigate the visual imagery of dreams. Dream Circus is presented as an installation made of dozens of small paper dream drawings. The public is invited to write about a dream or nightmare that has hit them particularly. One or more drawings are produced for every collected dream. In exchange for their dream visitors can choose among the available drawings of dreams created for somebody else. As dreams are chosen, the installation changes giving way to new images.
3) three key-works of your project : exchange, dreams, traveling
4) tell us something about your experience of Fondamenta 3.0: Fondamenta has been one more important step for Dream Circus. main thing was to have the chance to meet many foreigners and be able to collect their dreams, making the Dream Circus Collection growing bigger. The outdoor location was just perfect for the purpose.
5) possible evolutions of Fondamenta 3.0 for the next year: you should organize it better, especially the tech part.
6) your favourite thing of Fondamenta 2014: lot of people!


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