20 giugno 2014

Fondamenta 3.0 / Giulia Belli e Riccardo Giacomini

A) name: Giulia Maria Belli and Riccardo Giacomini
B) where are you from?: Italian
C) how old are you?: 24 (Giulia) and Riccardo (26)
D) your sphere of interests: Mainly drawing and painting, but we're recently experimenting with photography and animation.
E) studi / studies:  Both Academy of Fine Arts in Venice.
F) 3 masters: Peter Doig, Walt Disney e Sylvain Chomet.
G) 1 inspiring city: Lisbon, Amsterdam.
H) favorite ice cream flavour: Peanut and hazelnut.
I) what do you think about the collective dimension of art and creativity?: No doubt, only positive feelings about that. Particularly in a place like Italy, where the attitude of people towards art and creativity is ... quite retarded compared to other European countries.
L) what does the word "fludd" suggest you?: A dense liquid, a fluorescent fluid or a kind of edible crayons.

1) your project at Fondamenta 3.0BATTLESHIP
2) brief description: It's a ludic installation that engage the public thanks to a battleship mechanism. With little clues randomly picked up, we have the progressive creation of a net made of little drawings and traces, in a sort of subtle graphic chain-reaction.
3) three key-works of your project : organization / chance / subjectivity
4) tell us something about your experience of Fondamenta 3.0: It's been beautiful to understand how kids - with a still pure and independent way to conceive an image - often create much more interesting, complex and amazing drawings and situations than professionals in this field.
5) possible evolutions of Fondamenta 3.0 for the next year: It'd be nice if events like Fondamenta would be organized during other less known holidays, also in different cities.
6) your favourite thing of Fondamenta 2014: When the event brings enthusiasm to very young children or very old elders - with even some interaction between the two.


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