31 ottobre 2011

-7 / Cose Naturali e Segrete

/   NEW Materia Prima Collection - FW 2011   /   Countdown  / 

Our Materia Prima evolves in a Magical Pyramid made by 10 unstable and primeval stages of matter,  in 4 different series with multiple personalities. / Do you feel like unsure about choosing? Let yourself be helped by our special Stream-of-Consciousness TEST (download it!). Fate knows you better. 

 * * * Available in 7 days - on 7th November 2011 * * *

Stay tuned !

19 ottobre 2011


A few shots from our fitting in Spazio Pelodrilli, Treviso - a new creative space for handmade and young design ideas. We projected and realized all the cardboard furniture and a big white balloon cloud for the opening party in September.