30 gennaio 2013

Fludd Interviews / 32. Mayumi Otero

A) prénom+nom / name: Mayumi Otero
B) nationalité / where are you from?: française / french
C) âge / how old are you?: 27 ans.
D) domaine d’intérêts et d'action / your sphere of interests: Illustration - Edition - Dessin - Peinture - Sérigraphie - Gravure... / Illustration - publishing - drawing - painting - screen printing - etching...
E) études / studies: Illustration à l'Ecole Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg, diplômé en 2011 / Illustration at the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs of Strasbourg, graduated in 2011.

18 gennaio 2013

Predisposing Unpredictable Events

SF + TFN = Chain Reaction / 

A project of high quality merchandise.
Three illustrated items + a wooden panel + a contemporary Theatre.

SF+TFN = Unpredictable Potential Events


We are happy to introduce this new line of handcrafted merchandise for Teatro Fondamenta Nuove - the contemporary Theatre of Venezia, complementary to the visual communication we design for it.

3. CATALYSIS / The Kit of Pinsglossy eighties fun mixed pins +
2. ANALYSIS / The Couple of Notebooks - for your conquer plans and sharp ideas + 
1. SYNTHESIS / The Tote Bag - sturdy and spacious carrying device

= Three high detailed items where various objects are involved in (fuzzy) chain reactions.

15 gennaio 2013

Who Are You?

Our photo+graphic for WHO's WHO, a special theatrical program about not-out-of-the-box identities and genders, related to (not only) LGBT topics hosted by Teatro Fondamenta Nuove in Venezia and Teatro Momo in Mestre. The small vintage toys are always from Cate's mum precious collection.
Here the 1st part of the main campaign for TFN. Almost ready the 2nd!