13 giugno 2013

Now is Fondamenta 2.0

Today is the day!
Fondamenta 2.0 - Imprevisti e Probabilità
13 giugno 2013 / Fondamenta della Misericordia, Venezia.
An experimental playground open to all, allowing ideas, projects and alternative visions to emerge and interact. A chance to experiment the city together in unexpected ways. 

05 giugno 2013

Senior Interview / 4. Sigrid Calon

We met Sigrid Calon at FuoriMICRO in Milano just few weeks ago and it was love at first sight. Grid, colours, shapes, composition, complexity, neatness, dutchness at its best. She was there to present her sumptuous book To the extend of / \ | & - Within the grid and beyond the pattern. This Risograph Lady resulted to be a solid visual artist, fluidly operating both in small and environmental size. We really appreciate the impeccable care and coherence of her work, the strong artisanal core, the harmony between the playful and conceptual attitude. We highly recommend to discover her sharply crafted universe, you won't be disappointed.