31 dicembre 2012

the final kaboom

* * *   H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R   * * *

29 dicembre 2012

Anime Belle

Wayfarers and Friends, our migliori auguri (=best wishes) for a  
W  I  D  E  O  P   E  N  brand new 2 0 1 3 !

Things to keep, remember and protect: licorice, sage, basil, trips alone, wide-open spaces, adherence, wildness, novels, cotton candy, frankness, beards, soups, stamps and envelopes, real ice-creams, presence, sharpened pencils, research, museums, accuracy, essential oils, pudding, clean nails, interests, passion.

Pictures via Duke University/Animated Anatomies (>check it out!).

27 dicembre 2012

Fludd Interviews / 31. Anna Deflorian

A) nome / name:  Anna Deflorian
B) nazionalità / where are you from?: Italiana / Italian
C) età / how old are you?: 27
D) area d'azione (disegno, pittura, fotografia, animazione, ...) / your sphere of interests: Disegno, illustrazione, fumetto, e poi pittura e ceramica / Drawing, illustration, comic, plus painting and ceramic.

16 dicembre 2012

Breaking the Mould

We have been caught by the idea and the outputs of the vast project BREAKING THE MOULD (>To Break the mould: (expr.) to do something differently, after it has been done in the same way for a long time), relevant and promising form many points of view. Here in Venice we met the charming design collective AUT (Federico, Riccardo and Luca), the group behind the project together with Tommaso Cavallin, Chiara Onida, Anna Perugini, Dario Stellon, Matteo Stocco, Marco Zito (= 7 designers + 1 material scientist).

11 dicembre 2012

New Collection / The Packaging

Our last collection Opuscula Miscellanea wouldn't be complete without an opulent packaging. The origami envelope is an original double screenprint about watery geography, anatomical elements and pasta-shaped elements.

All the significant printing has been the first (and not last) collaboration with the brave Marco Tavarnesi / Inuit and his Tuscan lab.