22 dicembre 2014

Cities & Eyes

We wish you a very happy Christmas time and a hopeful NEW year!
Love, M + C + S / SF

"It is the mood of the beholder which gives the city of Zemrude its form. If you go by whistling, your nose a-tilt behind the whistle, you will know it from below: window sills, flapping curtains, fountains. If you walk along hanging your head , your nails dug into the palms of your hands, your gaze will be held on the ground, in the gutters, the manhole covers, the fish scales, wastepaper.

18 dicembre 2014

Fludd Interviews / 52. Nina Mršnik

A) NAME : Nina Mršnik

B) WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Koper, Slovenia

C) HOW OLD ARE YOU? oh noo

D) YOUR SPHERE OF INTERESTS : product design, illustration, design thinking

08 dicembre 2014

Fludd Interviews / 51. Yoichi Iwamoto

A) NAME : Yoichi Iwamoto



D) YOUR SPHERE OF INTERESTS : architecture and photography

03 dicembre 2014

BilBolBul / Icinori and Palazzo Poggi

During the BilBolBul Festival the Icinori duo, Mayumi Otero & Raphael Urwiller were invited to present their amazing works in a very incredible place, Palazzo Poggi at Bologna (Italy)

30 novembre 2014

Fludd Interviews / 50. Charlotte Peys

A) NAME : Charlotte Peys

B) WHERE ARE YOU FROM? : I work and live in Ghent (Belgium).

C) HOW OLD ARE YOU? : I am 27 years old.

D) YOUR SPHERE OF INTERESTS (DRAWING, PAIN-TING, PHOTOGRAPHY, ANIMATION, ...) : I'm interested in anything that has to do with image-making and storytelling. Drawing, screenprinting and other graphic techniques, painting, but also film and theatre. Other interests that I try to combine with my work as an illustrator are history, folklorism, sociology, documentary, anthropology, journalism and natural sciences.

27 novembre 2014

Alchimie Creative / SF story

I bravi e belli Topipittori editori ci hanno chiesto di presentarci sul loro ricco blog dedicato a editoria, infanzia, illustrazione e cultura. Ecco qui quello che abbiamo scritto: http://topipittori.blogspot.it/2014/11/avventure-17-alchimie-creative.html 

18 novembre 2014

Fludd Interviews / 49. Sophie Rowley

A) NAME : Sophie Rowley

B) WHERE ARE YOU FROM? : Germany/ New Zealand


D) YOUR SPHERE OF INTERESTS (DRAWING, PAIN-TING, PHOTOGRAPHY, ANIMATION, ...) : materials, textiles, product, fashion, consumer behaviour research

10 novembre 2014

My favourite sticky things

Great time at Come On Kids 2 - Fare un libro, Venetian edition at Fondazione Querini Stampalia. The event has been a full 2-day about kids, design and books, organized by Giorgio Camuffo and Unibz - Libera Università di Bolzano

06 novembre 2014


Free & fun shooting for friends: styling of Trivets (Lineasette Ceramiche) and Strangelove bowl (Maroso). Design: AUT + Chiara Onida.

30 ottobre 2014

Optimus Illusions

A relatively old project: our optical illusion for OPTIMUS book by Bolo Paper. Are the birds inside or outside of the cage? We flipped our brains with a mix of 2D and 3D elements.

28 ottobre 2014

Fludd Interviews / 48. Geran Knol

A) Name: Geran Knol

B) Where are you from? the Netherlands

C) How old are you? 23

D) Your sphere of interests: Drawing, collage, music, animation, painting

21 ottobre 2014

A Tarsius in Tottenham

Our illustration for the nice guys of The Loop. This is the letter T of their Alphabet Series of risograph prints, and it pictures an adventurous Tarsius in Tottenham.

18 ottobre 2014

Pastrami Sandwich - Krachtvoer

Really happy to have participated to Krachtvoer, a super nice festival in Antwerp about food, illustration, design and much more.
Caterina made the illustration for the "Pastrami sandwich with sauerkraut on false flax seed bread".

15 ottobre 2014

Spollo Kitchen

This is our yummy contribute to Spollo Kitchen project, by CTS grafica, in collaboration with AIAP, ADCI and Polyedra. Our illustration has been selected, cooked (by Osteria Il Gufo, Perugia), photographed, tasted and exhibited in two special events in Rome and Milan (next 24th October).

23 settembre 2014

Fludd Interviews / 47. Emmanuelle Roule

A) prénom+nom / name: Emmanuelle Roule
B) nationalité / where are you from?: française / french
C) âge / how old are you?: 30 ans.
D) domaine d’intérêts et d'action / your sphere of interestsDessin / photographie / composition / céramique / couleur / graphisme / Membre du collectif d'artistes du Parti Poétique / Graphic design / drawings / photography / composition / ceramic / colour / member of french art collective Parti Poétique.
E) études / studies: Baccalauréat scientifique / Mise à niveau arts appliqués à l'école Martinière-Diderot à Lyon / Diplôme d'arts appliqués à Toulouse + Diplôme supérieur des arts appliqués à l'ENSAAMA - Olivier de Serres à Paris (diplômée en 2007) et deux jours après mon diplôme, je commençais à travailler au sein du Parti Poétique et en tant que graphiste, je partage mon temps entre ses deux pratiques. / Scientific 'baccalaureat'. Preparation for applied arts to the Martinière-Diderot school in Lyon. Art degree in Toulouse + at the ENSAAMA - Olivier de Serres at Paris (2007) and two days after my last diploma, I started to work with the art collective Parti Poétique and as a graphic designer freelance, I share my time between these two practice.

03 settembre 2014

Fludd Interviews / 46. Elliot Freeman

A) nome / name: Elliot Freeman
B) nazionalità / where are you from?: UK.
C) età / how old are you?: 23
D) area d'azione (disegno, pittura, fotografia, animazione, ...) / your sphere of interests: Drawing.

06 agosto 2014


Good Holidays to everyone, see you in September!

All the pics from Murano (Venice)

24 luglio 2014

Oxydo Couvette

(Quite old pics of) a design and craft project in the context of the rebranding of Oxydo glasses (2013) - commissioned by Pomo Studio.
We deep researched on the materiality of colour, exploring its conceptual and visual organizations in historical colour charts, scientific diagrams and material colour swatches.

15 luglio 2014

Fludd Interviews / 45. Internoconcucina

A) nome / name: Alice Spadaro & Valentina Raffaelli (internoconcucina)
B) nazionalità / where are you from? Italian
C) età / how old are you?: 26 & 29
D) area d'azione (disegno, pittura, fotografia, animazione, ...) / your sphere of interests: Design and research, product, illustration, styling, everything focused on food.