28 ottobre 2014

Fludd Interviews / 48. Geran Knol

A) Name: Geran Knol

B) Where are you from? the Netherlands

C) How old are you? 23

D) Your sphere of interests: Drawing, collage, music, animation, painting

E) Studies: St. Lucas Antwerp (Belgium), MA Degree Illustration

F) Could you please tell us a little bit about what you do/have you done?  I started studying illustration back in 2008 in the Netherlands, and continued last year for a Master Degree. On the side I’ve done a number of commissioned works and exhibited a couple of times with Bloeme van Bon, as Park Pardon (www.park-pardon.com). Currently we’re making our first book together which we are very excited about.

G) Masters: The usual I’m afraid, David Hockney, Jockum Nordström, Matisse. I also look at a lot of naïve and folk art, it’s probably what inspires me the most.

H) 1 inspiring city: Antwerp, I moved here last year and I still find nice places, new things. It’s not big but for now it has enough to offer me.

I) A place you'd love to visit soon: I’d like to go back to Stockholm.

J) 1 special museum: The LaM, a museum in Lille, France, focussing on art brut and contemporary art.

K) 1 recommended web-site: This video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-5uhxi4IZsL) Ta glace préférée / favourite ice cream flavour: Something yellow.

M) A shop you love: Any second-hand shop will do.

N) 2 objects you like: My bike, a rug.

O) Your ideal breakfast: A coffee with a croissant.

P) Somewhere nice to go in your neighbourhood: I sometimes take a break from working and have a coffee in the little park next to my house, pretending to be in nature.

Q) Last books you have read:  I have a book by Dutch writer Jan Wolkers, “Een roos van vlees”, waiting next to my bed to be read, but I never have / make time to do so.

R) What are a few things inspiring you at the moment? For our upcoming book Bloeme and I are doing a lot of research about religion and rituals. I’m also reading about feng-shui which I find very interesting.

S) Which is the main difficulty for a young creative today? To keep up with one’s work, staying true to yourself.

T) What do you think about the collective dimension of art and creativity? Because I’m working both alone and in a duo I get to experience both. Working together enriches the way of working and thinking but when working alone I feel like I can put more of a personal meaning into it.

U) What are you looking for? Freedom and limitations.

W) Projects for the future (exaggerate!): I’d very much like to do a solo exhibition in the (near) future and bring out more music.

X) What do you like to study when you'll be old? Japanese.

Y) Good purposes for the 2014-15: Finishing my Master Degree and keep working really hard.

Z)  What does the word "fludd" suggest you? A sea during high tide.

site / bandcamp / park-pardon / instagram

* the second image from the top is by Geran Knol + Bloeme van Bon = (Park Pardon)

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