29 novembre 2013

Mutant Molecules

The new campaign for Teatro Fondamenta Nuove is out!
We imagined a mutant-combo-geek molecule to represent the multiform nature of this contemporary theatre in Venice.

26 novembre 2013

Behind Metamorphosis

Backstage and process / New Handmade Collection METAMORFICA - Change and Persistence - FW2013-14. SHOP here!

21 novembre 2013

NEW COLLECTION ! Metamorfica

Studio Fludd's NEW handmade collection METAMORFICA - Change and Persistence is finally out!

"An attempt to explain the former changes of the earth's surface, by reference to causes now in operation." Charles Lyell - Principles of Geology, 1830.

A personal journey to the centre of the Earth by travelling across its surface.
Imperceptibly slow transformations and sudden explosions bring substances into four geologically active states of matter.

NEW COLLECTION! Gneiss, Marl & Mica, Breccia

Change and Persistence
A new handmade collection by Studio Fludd

Gneiss, Marl & Mica, Breccia are subtle and unpredictable necklaces made out high quality materials, artisanal manufacturing and tireless visual research.

20 novembre 2013

Geologically Young / New Collection

Three (3) stages of matter, melting textures, rocky skins, four (4) Studio Fludd conglomerates.
In the meanwhile, watch: The Hungry Geologist.

10 novembre 2013

Alone together on an Island

We are leaving for a special / crazy project by our friends of How We Dwell (make your own residence) / fondazione Bevilacqua la Masa. We are going to spend an entire week under the stars on the 'wild' Certosa island in Venice (11th-17th November).