28 aprile 2014

Fludd Interviews / 44. Bruno Zocca

A) nome / name: Bruno Zocca
B) nazionalità / where are you from? Italiana / Italian
C) età / how old are you?: 24
D) area d'azione (disegno, pittura, fotografia, animazione, ...) / your sphere of interests:  disegno / drawing.

24 aprile 2014

SF European Tour / Saint Denis

We participated to "Allons voir ailleurs si nous y sommes" (12-13th April, St-Denis, France) organized by the collective Parti Poétique, in the super charming Zone Sensible.

23 aprile 2014

SF European Tour / Gelatology Workshop #3,4,5

We really enjoyed the three workshops of GELATOLOGY on Tour!
The first one was at Le Chat Pitre in Bruxelles (organized by För) and the other two at Zone Sensible, in Saint Denis (France). You can find all the pictures (and the info about) on www.gelatology.tumblr.com and on our Facebook page.

22 aprile 2014

SF European Tour / Bruxelles

The first stop of our European Tour has been the cool and lively Bruxelles. Fabio of För shop hosted us in his space for a small exhibition of our last projects (fanzine and necklaces).

07 aprile 2014

Fludd Interviews / 43. Anastasia Strochkova

A) nome / name: Anastasia Strochkova
B) nazionalità / where are you from?: Russia, but living in the Czech Republic since childhood.
C) età / how old are you?: 26
D) area d'azione (disegno, pittura, fotografia, animazione, ...) / your sphere of interests: drawing, printmaking, painting, drawing for animation.

Varia et Comparata

VARIA ET COMPARATA - Aberdeen Remains

Pieces of the installation created for the exhibition Uidrò il Bestiario Medievale at Museo Ettore Archinti, Lodi / from 5th to 27th April 2014; organized by team Imbuto.

06 aprile 2014

NEW Materia Prima

Materia Prima, another name for the Philosopher's stone.
Limited edition Spring/Summer collection of our handmade wooden crystal. NEW exciting colours: OZ BRICK, MOON BEAN, PALE ZEST and FRILLY PIJAMA - with cotton grey string or copper tone tiny ball chain. Get yours here.

03 aprile 2014


Some pictures from the opening of the exhibition PERSONAL TASTE, My-Self Gelato on 26th March at Inuit Bookshop in Bologna. 12 bright illustrators from 8 countries presented 12 very personal versions of an ice-cream cone.