30 ottobre 2014

Optimus Illusions

A relatively old project: our optical illusion for OPTIMUS book by Bolo Paper. Are the birds inside or outside of the cage? We flipped our brains with a mix of 2D and 3D elements.

28 ottobre 2014

Fludd Interviews / 48. Geran Knol

A) Name: Geran Knol

B) Where are you from? the Netherlands

C) How old are you? 23

D) Your sphere of interests: Drawing, collage, music, animation, painting

21 ottobre 2014

A Tarsius in Tottenham

Our illustration for the nice guys of The Loop. This is the letter T of their Alphabet Series of risograph prints, and it pictures an adventurous Tarsius in Tottenham.

18 ottobre 2014

Pastrami Sandwich - Krachtvoer

Really happy to have participated to Krachtvoer, a super nice festival in Antwerp about food, illustration, design and much more.
Caterina made the illustration for the "Pastrami sandwich with sauerkraut on false flax seed bread".

15 ottobre 2014

Spollo Kitchen

This is our yummy contribute to Spollo Kitchen project, by CTS grafica, in collaboration with AIAP, ADCI and Polyedra. Our illustration has been selected, cooked (by Osteria Il Gufo, Perugia), photographed, tasted and exhibited in two special events in Rome and Milan (next 24th October).