31 maggio 2013

Restless Mirabilia / A Nomadic Wunderkammer

This is a portable cabinet of wonders, a monument to our inexhaustible curiosity about the world and our need to explore it by gathering objects which are precious, irregular and emblematic. Every life is an encyclopedia, dominated by an endless chaotic order.
By first considering historical precedents, we imagine a traveling wunderkammer, more like an atlas than a museum, a piece of luggage both useless and essential, constantly changing. This lightweight collection seeks to capture a whole which is potential,  conceptual, multiple and decorative all at once.

25 maggio 2013

Restless Mirabilia / Making Of

RESTLESS MIRABILIA - A Nomadic Wunderkammer
Backstage pics of the installation we are designing for the lovely Madera space and design shop in Campo san Barnaba, Venezia.
The 55th Biennale / International Art Exhibition opens this week in town.