20 aprile 2013

TFN / Green Spring

Third and last part of the campaign for Teatro Fondamenta Nuove in Venice, with our collection of little objects potentially involved in strange chain reactions. High quality programme also for this period!

17 aprile 2013

FuoriSalone / Afterimages

Just back from Milano Design Week. Lot of stuff at Fuorisalone, as always. Most of the time we sat and stood behind our table at Fuori Micro - the independent publishing festival (it has been great to see you guys!).

Our very personal brief list of exciting, heartwarming, remarkable, eye-candy encounters:

04 aprile 2013

Ephemera & Miscellanea / 001

«Decide di iniziare un’altra collezione: d’immagini che non sa perché lo attraggano e che sente che potrebbero significare molte cose.» Italo Calvino

EPHEMERA & MISCELLANEA is a new self-publishing collection by Studio Fludd. Rich in details, assembled with care. Limited numbered editions for paper addicts.

EPHEMERA & MISCELLANEA is Enciclopedie tascabili / storie ed analogie / pagine disegnate e cangianti / cose sottili da trattenere / narrazioni filate in atmosfere fluttuanti / conclusioni plurime e diversificate.

The firs three titles are:
001: DE FLUCTIBUS - Compendium, by SF altogether
002: VESSEL - Zattere Monotonie Correnti e Paratie, by Caterina Gabelli
003: Short HISTORY OF BOTH UNIVERSES - vol.1, by Sara Maragotto

Ephemera & Miscellanea / 002

EPHEMERA & MISCELLANEA is a new self-publishing collection by Studio Fludd.

002 VESSEL - Zattere, monotonie, correnti e paratie   /   by Caterina Gabelli

Photography and drawing tell us about: water and wood, sand and bricks, unstable matter, corrosion, floating thoughts, floods, fissures, circulatory system, monotony and discontinuity. Pause. Details, transparency, things that stay.

Ephemera & Miscellanea / 003

EPHEMERA & MISCELLANEA is a new self-publishing collection by Studio Fludd.

003 Short HISTORY of BOTH UNIVERSES, vol. 1  /  by Sara Maragotto 

Is it possible to represent the All? The Life The Universe and Everything. Or at least The Much Possible? This zine whispers in your ear some thin fragments and subtle cosmic drawings about this (endless, failing) research. Dreams of pocket size encyclopaedias, seeds, eggs and diagrams of the existence.