23 giugno 2014

Gelatology Workshop / Ljubljana + Torino

NEW! Exciting visionary craft ice-cream cones from our last GELATOLOGY Workshops in Ljubljana (TipoRenesansa, 17th May - #6) and Torino (Galleria Van Der, 14th June - #7).
Check out all this creamy ars combinatoria here: http://gelatology.tumblr.com/

20 giugno 2014

Fondamenta 3.0 - Three Projects

FONDAMENTA 3.0 - May 31st, Fondamenta della Misericordia, Venezia - public art project

We were part of a team composed by four curators of m.a.c Lab Cà Foscari (Anna Zerbaro - Pulsart; Gianluca d'Incà Levis - Dolomiti Contemporanee; Viviana Carlet - Lago Film Fest; Marco Baravalle - Sale Docks). As Studio Fludd we curated 3 projects among the 15 selected: Dream Circus, by Daniele Catalli; Close-line, by Cécile Barraud de Lagerie; Battleship by Giulia Belli and Riccardo Giacomini. We'd like to offer you a closest view on these three works and four special people. Enjoy!

+) A good video synthesis of that day - by Paolo Rondina.

Fondamenta 3.0 / Daniele Catalli

A) name: Daniele Catalli
B) where are you from?: Italian
C) how old are you?: 34
D) your sphere of interests: drawing.

Fondamenta 3.0 / Cécile Barraud de Lagerie

Note: Very unluckily Cécile's suitcase - with the entire art work inside - has been stolen just before the event. Soooo bad ! ! ! It'd be a great installation, in our opinion. Anyway, this is 'just' a very unpleasant temporary stop for the project - we hope to see it realized very soon. 

A) name: Cécile Barraud de Lagerie
B) where are you from?: French
C) how old are you?: 30
D) your sphere of interests: Textile as pattern, surface, texture, color and stories. (For me, textile is a medium that touches everything and everyone…)

Fondamenta 3.0 / Giulia Belli e Riccardo Giacomini

A) name: Giulia Maria Belli and Riccardo Giacomini
B) where are you from?: Italian
C) how old are you?: 24 (Giulia) and Riccardo (26)
D) your sphere of interests: Mainly drawing and painting, but we're recently experimenting with photography and animation.

19 giugno 2014

SPECIMEN - Personal Exhibition

Very excited about SPECIMEN - our very first personal exhibition at Galleria Van Der in Turin, opened June 12th.
We decided to underline the common creative process behind our diverse projects.

08 giugno 2014

Across Chinese Cities - Party !

We worked at the party at the unique Paradiso Perduto for the opening of Across Chinese Cities - Beijing, collateral event of 14th International Architecture Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia. This big project is a collaboration between Beijing Design Week and Dontstop architettura (curators: Michele Brunello and Beatrice Lanza).

07 giugno 2014

Fondamenta 3.0 - La Sensa

Fondamenta 3.0 - La Sensa / 31st May 2014, Fondamenta della Misericordia -
2nd edition of the (only) public art event of Venice.