30 settembre 2012

Spoiler / 2. Quick Sand

Yes, we are working at our New Collection, with our distinguishing straightforward and impeccable organization, as always (...). It's being a kind of exploration deep into our heritage : sand, fire, maestria (mastery).

17 settembre 2012

Fludd Interviews / 27. Miriam / Ouididi

I stumbled across Miriam and her project in a remote place in south Iceland. (Probably it wasn't so, but that was the sensation). After a few weeks, when I was sadly rambling in Keflavik airport on the way home, accidentally I met her again!  I think you should do so as well. (S.)

a) Name: Miriam.
b) Where are you from? Canada.
c) How old are you? Just turned 27. 
d) Your sphere of interests: Writing, photography, music, travel. 
e) Studies: Integrated Media at OCAD University in Toronto.
f) Please tell us a bit about your project. What is it about? How did it start? I've just started a website called Ouididi: stories and photos from some of the interesting people that I've met while living abroad. It's about people's dreams and adventures, the roads they've travelled, what they create. I would love to get it to the point where people regularly send in contributions from their own journeys.

11 settembre 2012

Spoiler / 1. Seethrough

For a while now, we have been working on our new collection. The starting point is a kind of exploration deep into our heritage. A few months ago, we went to the island of the glassMurano. Times have changed (a lot) but there is still a huge amount of history, fire and maestria to give life to the finest glass. Pretty unique.

03 settembre 2012

Cartolina / Lubenice / V+M

Summer postcard: Lubenice (Cres Island, Croatia) by Valeria&Matteo.
Tags: breathtaking; floating; underwater; gleaming; scented.