19 dicembre 2011

Collective Painting

This is the winning graphic of the 95th exhibition of young artists of Bevilacqua la Masa  - a contemporary artistic foundation in Venice. Caterina did it, StudioFludd chose it, Alberto experienced it during his graduation party last October. Academy of Fine Arts, painting and further dirty stuff. The prize will be devoted to a trip in January  :-) 

02 dicembre 2011

The Country of the Blind

"L'avventura è una faccenda troppo seria per lasciarla in mano agli uomini / Adventure is a too serious matter to be left to men." (Venexiana Stevenson, from Corto Maltese by Hugo Pratt)

Venice, again. Following faint trails of alchemic, hermetic past. This floating city has an unbelievable golden church built by pirates during the sixth century. It's a mixture of everything, it's a huge crux of the matter.