16 dicembre 2012

Breaking the Mould

We have been caught by the idea and the outputs of the vast project BREAKING THE MOULD (>To Break the mould: (expr.) to do something differently, after it has been done in the same way for a long time), relevant and promising form many points of view. Here in Venice we met the charming design collective AUT (Federico, Riccardo and Luca), the group behind the project together with Tommaso Cavallin, Chiara Onida, Anna Perugini, Dario Stellon, Matteo Stocco, Marco Zito (= 7 designers + 1 material scientist).

They said Breaking the Mould is an exploration in experimental approaches to the traditional techniques of glass making from Murano, Venice. The goal is to investigate the possibilities of introducing innovation to glass production, whilst respecting the huge (and heavy) legacy of this ancient industry.

In the dedicated website you can find an interesting Experiments Archive with the absolutely fascinating videos of the processes performed in the fine glass-making company Salviati. The most significative outcomes produced along the experimental sessions in the furnace have been already exhibited in Berlin and Venice. Keep going guys!

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