05 ottobre 2010

The Eroica

Pillole di stile dall'Eroica - suggestiva corsa cicloturistica d'epoca sulle 'strade bianche' tra le colline del Chianti: deliziose magliette di lana, ristori 'vintage', meravigliose biciclette d'antan e tanta fatica. - Altre immagini qui. / We saw so much style during the fascinating period cyclotouristic rally "Eroica" (the heroic), held mainly on gravel roads in the Chianti hills (near Siena - Tuscany) ! Too much kilometres through dust, olives, viny hillsides, vintage refreshments with tuscan food and wine, stilish woollen vests and wonderful old bicycles! - More pictures here.
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Something like that: The Triplets of Belleville.

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