18 novembre 2012

New Collection !

OPUSCULA MISCELLANEA - Cultivated Variety / Venezia 700

"Solo nei resoconti di Marco Polo, Kublai Kan riusciva a discernere, attraverso le muraglie e le torri destinate a crollare, la filigrana d'un disegno così sottile da sfuggire al morso delle termiti.  /  Only in Marco Polo's accounts was Kublai Khan able to discern, through the walls and towers destined to crumble, the tracery of a pattern so subtle it could escape the termites' gnawing." 
Italo Calvino, Le città   invisibili / Invisible Cities, 1972 (trad. W. Weaver)

This collection features things to hang around your neck, handmade and in limited edition. Born from an atmosphere of lively decadence and anarchic vitality, harkening back to 18th century Venice, the island of quirks and delights. A celebration of formal exuberance and the eccentric spirit, embracing colours both electric and powdered. Materials that are lightweight and also sumptuous along with echoes of artisanal knowledge combined to produce varied and unusual results.

We imagined and created three lines to gratify your liberi costumi (free habits):

I Things Not Yet Described, ephemeral and essential in character (#1-6);
II Things Previously Described but Then Forgotten, reusing and reoffering one-of-a-kind pieces in Murano glass (#7);
III Things Described by Many in Different Ways, playful multi-material pieces (#8-12).

An original screenprint wraps the jewels in an origami envelope.
(Thank you Inuit!)

HERE the complete LOOKBOOK.
Photos from the BACKSTAGE.


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