09 giugno 2015

Fludd Interviews / 59. Nadine Pedde

A) NAME : Nadine Pedde

B) WHERE ARE YOU FROM? : I am from Pritzwalk, but I currently live in Hamburg.


D) YOUR SPHERE OF INTERESTS : Illustration, Comics, Drawing.

E) STUDIES : Educational Science and currently Illustration, both in Hamburg.

F) COULD YOU PLEASE TELL US A LITTLE BIT ABOUT WHAT DO YOU DO/HAVE YOU DONE? : While studying Educational Science, I lived in a little comic studio with nice drawers and has access to a lot of good illustrated books such as comics and graphic novels. The time I spent in this comic studio made a huge impression on me and inspired me to study Illustration. Now I do what I love: drawing. In my drawings I try not to narrate informatively, but rather poetically. And I am addicted to drawing with colored pencils.

G) 3 MASTERS : R.B. Kitaj, Tocotronic, Jacques Lacan


I) A PLACE YOU’D LOVE TO VISIT SOON : After having traveled to Bologna, I would like to visit all of Italy.

J) 1 SPECIAL MUSEUM : Musée Rodin, Paris.

K) 1 RECOMMENDED WEB-SITE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BFn1G4Bejc

L) FAVOURITE ICE CREAM FLAVOUR : I know, it is not normal, but I don't like ice-cream.

M) A SHOP YOU LOVE : I love flea markets.

N) 2 OBJECTS YOU LIKE : My grandmas scarf and I don't know if it is an object, but I like the Indian cress on my window sill.

O) YOUR IDEAL BREAKFAST : Pancakes with strawberries and coconut, black chai, lots of fruits, and good conversations.

P) SOMEWHERE NICE TO GO IN YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD : I live in Wilhelmsburg, a district in Hamburg which is also an Island on the river Elbe. I like to sit at an old Watergate on the Vering-canal, where you get a wonderful view over the Industrial Port of Hamburg.

Q) LAST BOOKS YOU HAVE READ : I read it again and again and again: Kargo, which is a textcollection of Thomas Brasch.

R) WHAT ARE A FEW THINGS INSPIRING YOU AT THE MOMENT? : A short while ago I was at a Kante concert. They presented their new album with music they did for the theater. Texts from Berthold Brecht, Thomas Brasch, Shakespeare, Voltaire and others were set to music, it was inspiring. And I like the movies and of Xavier Dolan, especially how he presents the imaginary point of view from his characters.

S) WHICH IS THE MAIN DIFFICULTY FOR A YOUNG CREATIVE TODAY?: The difference between the pressure to earn money and following your own ideas.

T) WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE COLLECTIVE DIMENSION OF ART AND CREATIVITY? : I think the best way is when collective work and working alone go hand in hand. Drawing is a lonely activity, as for drawing as a process; I need to be alone, to have my own tempo, sound and concentration. But other people are able to see, what I am doing from an outside point of view, which I can never reach, because they are on the outside of what I am in. It is very relevant to show things and talk about it. Of course it is also important to see, what others are doing, maybe that is the biggest inspiration one can get.

U) WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? : For colours I like.

V) WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD? : My newest project: a comic about a man with a glasshouse on his rooftop. And of course: Summer in Wilhelmsburg!

W) PROJECTS FOR THE FUTURE (EXAGGERATE!): I would like to develop comic-poetry (and maybe do some Comic-research with Lacans using thoughts as reference).


Y) A GOOD PURPOSE FOR THE 2015 SEASON : To take more time for boredom (because it is the best space for new ideas).

Z) WHAT DOES THE WORD “FLUDD” SUGGEST YOU? : A soft blue with a lot of light points.



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