26 ottobre 2015

Out Of Place - Powerful Plants

Conceptual styling work for PLANTS OUT OF PLACE project, directed by Coloni & Studio Aikieu - London Design Festival 2015. 

They called us to action on the concept that a weed is a plant out of place, undesirable because out of human control.
Weeds are extremely resilient and potentially life-saver resources in the scenario of an harsh post-apocalyptic future for the human being.

Studio Aikieu and Coloni sent us a range of common and wonderful vegetal species to choose from. We felt inspired by these five plants and we tried to visualise their superpowers in a playful, visionary way:

AMARANTH / Amaranthus as Pseudo Food; NETTLE / Urtica Dioica as Cloth; GORSE / Ulex as Firestarter; WILD BULL THISTLE / Cirsium vulgare as Water reserver; WORMWOOD / Artemisia absinthium as Cognitive enhancer.

Read more about the project HERE - and see the final artworks HERE.

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